Rose Cumberbatch

Rose 704 Hauser
Rose Cumberbatch (Lynnie Godfrey) is the caterer wife of Ernie Cumberbatch (played by John Amos) on "704 Hauser".



Character played by

Lynnie Godfrey




Ernie Cumberbatch (husband)
Goodie Cumberbatch (son)

Rose Cumberbatch (nee Johnston) is one of the main characters of the All In The Family CBS-TV continuation/spin-off, 704 Hauser. The is a "feisty, anti-Edith" mom, a successful caterer who, although the Cumberbatches both are supposed to be liberal-minded, is constantly butting heads with husband Ernie over the issue of son Goodie and his dating a white, Jewish girl in Cherlyn, amongst many other views.

She was portrayed by actress/singer Lynnie Godfrey.


Rose has a younger sister, Jasmine, who appeared in one episode.


Although she is a blue-collar, working class Democrat, she and her husband share some different views on various things.

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