Goodie Cumberbatch

Cherlyn Goodie 704 Hauser 2
Goodie Cumberbatch (T.E. Russell) with girlfriend Cherlyn Markowitz (Maura Tierney) on "704 Hauser".]]


Thurgood Marshall Cumberbatch



Character played by

T.E. Russell


College Student

Relatives/other connections

Ernie Cumberbatch (father)
Rose Cumberbatch (mother)
Cherlyn Markowitz (girlfriend)
Joey Stivic (friend)

Thurgood Marshall Cumberbatch, commonly known as "Goodie", is one of the main characters featured in the All In The Family spin-off, 704 Hauser.

He was portrayed by actor T.E. Russell, who also has appeared in such films as Gladiator (1992), Tresspass (1993), and mostrecently 2009's Opposite Day.


Goodie was born to a blue-collar, working couple Ernie and Rose Cumberbatch, in 1971.


Goodie was an assertive activisit in the vein of Armstrong Williams, Walter Williams, or Thomas Sowell.

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