Cheryln Markowitz

Cheryl and Goodie 704 Hauser
Cheryln (Maura Tierney) and Goodie Cumberbatch (T.E. Russell) in scene from the pilot episode of 704 Hauser.



Character played by

Maura Tierney


College Student

Relation to to other characters

Goodie Cumberbatch (boyfriend)

Cherlyn Markowitz is a fictional character featured on the short-lived CBS-TV sitcom, 704 Hauser.

The role of Cherlyn was portrayed by Maura Tierney, who would later star on the NBC sitcom NewsRadio, and later, the NBC drama/medical series ER.


Cherlyn, who was Jewish, was the girlfriend of Goodie Cumberbatch, the ultra conservative son of Ernie and Rose Cumberbatch. It is revealed that her parents, who are also liberals like the Cumberbatches, do not agree with, along with the Cumberbatches, with Goodie and Cheryl dating each other.


What may have drawn Cherlyn to Goodie was their similar views on race, and their views on activism, which were conservative.